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Debt Settlement

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Whether your credit card company is suing you or you want to get out of debt without filing for bankruptcy, you’ll get the help you need from me. I've been helping residents throughout New Orleans, LA with their debt settlement needs for years. Put yourself on the right financial track. Make an appointment with me at the Sisk Law Firm today by calling (504) 799-9987.

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Is Your Mountain of Debt Growing?

You can rest easy knowing that the Sisk Law Firm is managing your credit card debt relief. Give me a call if:

  • The statute of limitations on your debt has passed

  • The debt collector can’t prove they own the debt

  • You’re not the person who owes the debt

  • You need help negotiating a settlement

I'll use my years of knowledge and experience to look over your debts and explain the steps that you can take to help you achieve financial freedom. Get the assistance you need with debt settlement solutions from the Sisk Law Firm in New Orleans, LA. Schedule a consultation as soon as possible.